Curriculum vitae

2012 - Today

Founder - Subscription Media Group

Subscription Media Group is the leading European "subscription boxes" media group, with a presence in France and the UK through three websites :, and With more than fifty content editors and contributors, we have been featured in several leading media outlets, including Le Monde, Le Figaro, 20 Minutes, France 2, France 5 and France Info.
2014 - 2016

Motorola - Key Account Director

Sales Director for Motorola Smartphones.
2012 - 2014

Acer - Key Account and Product Manager - South Europe

Reporting to Smartphones South Europe Business Manager

In charge of Smartphone South Europe retail, distribution & operators channels and product marketing management.

Sales management
- Development of the French open market and operators
- Sales volumes & revenues
- Sell-In/Sell-Out activities
- T&C negotiation
- Coordinating the Acer strategy with Acer Field force

Product marketing management
- Product strategy
- Product pricing
- Media Planning (online & offline)
- Coordinating Trade Marketing actions
- Project Management
- Product launch & PR
2011 - 2012

Apple - Sales Portal & eLearning Specialist - EMEIA

Reporting to EMEIA Sales Portal & Sales Tools Manager

- Working on e-learning and sales tools system across EMEIA
- Providing high quality content on all Apple products in 16 languages
- Content & localization for internal and external audiences
- Liaison with the local sales planning team across EMEIA for the effective application of sales content
- Coordinating implementation and continual improvement and development of the overall programme
2010 - 2011

Acer - Trade & Marketing manager - France

- Analysis of Market & Sell-out datas (Canalys, GfK)
- Stock management & inventory : samples, goodies, PoS material
- In charge of advertising and communication in local media
- Event planning
- Product marketing : local content management and translation
- Technical support : software/hardware testing and troubleshooting

Acer - Trade & Marketing Intern - France

- Stock management & inventory : samples, goodies, PoS material
- In charge of advertising and communication in local media
- Event planning
- Technical support : software/hardware testing and troubleshooting

Partouche - Marketing E-business Intern

- Business Development / Strategy on innovative digital projects (Web / Mobile / TV / Digital Medias)
- Working on economic, technical and legal strategies
- Negotiation & Partnership Management
- Project Management
- Digital Marketing strategy and & E-CRM strategy
2007 - 2008

Apple – Technical support - Gap Year - Ireland

Cork (Ireland) – Technical support and customer relations
- Handling and resolving customer telephone enquiries in English and French
- Analysis of recurring issues to ensure product optimisation during the launch of first iPhone

MS Degree - Marketing & Project management - IAE

2010 – 2011
Foreign Trade University - Hanoi
Master's degree, Project Management

2009 – 2010
Assumption University - Bangkok
2009, MBA Courses - Exchange student - Marketing

2009 – 2010
IAE - Aix en Provence
Master, Marketing/Management

2006 – 2007
Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III)
Licence professionelle, Actions Commerciales Inter-entreprises

2005 – 2006
Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III)
DUT, Techniques de commercialisation

BAC Scientifique

In my eyes

What I like

  • I began playing about with making websites a while back; at the very beginning, I started making websites entirely using HTML, and then I grew up and discovered CMSs like Joomla and Wordpress.

    I have created several sites covering a range of topics - both based on my own personal interests and client work. Recently, I launched my most successful - and most challenging - project, La Box du Mois, which is the leading community for monthly subscription boxes, which today boasts eight content editors, and more than 100,000 monthly unique visitors. La Box du Mois has featured in several popular media outlets, including 20 Minutes, Le Monde, France 2, and France Info.
    Web dev
  • When I was little, I was always fascinated by walkie talkies, which led quite naturally to an interest in new technologies, and particularly mobile tech. I’m not sure I could list all the mobile phones I’ve owned, but, to this day, the Sony-Ericsson P900, the Nokia 6600, the Nexus One, and especially the Sony CMD-C1 (my first ever phone - I was disgusted when I was the only person in high school who couldn’t play Snake) still have a place in my heart.

    I keenly follow the evolution of the mobile industry, and am very lucky to be able to work in a sector whose dynamism excites and motivates me.
  • I first picked up a pack of cards aged eight, got bored of Snap, but was a bit too young for poker, and so started learning magic tricks. I quickly developed an interest for magic, and at the age of 12, I started performing at the Avignon Festival, as well as at other events (corporate events, weddings, and, inevitably, the odd seven year old’s birthday party).

    I came second in the Cannes d’or de la Magie festival in the Close Up category, and also once performed on television, but decided to leave the fun to David Blaine, and today, I only perform for pleasure.
  • I’d like to think I occupy the grey area between being gourmet and being greedy. I love eating almost as much as I enjoying cooking, and travelling in Asia - particularly Thailand and Vietnam - has greatly influenced what I like to cook.

    That said, I’m not sure anything will ever beat the rum babas that await me every time I go to my grandmother’s house.
  • In a bid to counteract my fondness for food, I tried my hand at several sports, before eventually settling on swimming, and I now swim several times a week.
  • I caught the travel bug when I was studying, having decided to spend a year in Ireland to improve my English - during which I worked at Apple in Cork.

    Following this, I spent part of my master’s degree in Asia, and came back with a broadened mind, an increased curiosity, and a love of pad thai.

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